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Bridging The Mississippi

Art by Sandra Baron

“We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.”

John Dewey

Hi, I’m Sandra Baker Baron,

I’ve been aware of racism since I was raised in the South. From 1967-68, I taught English in New Orleans at an all-Black, inner-city school. I learned how my White preferences had given me many opportunities that my students and staff had never had.

My book, Bridging the Mississippi, is based on that inner-city experience and the adaptations I needed to embrace. The staff and students taught me ways to cross cultural lines. Elk Lake Publishing, Inc. has offered me a contract on this story.

I re-enter the blogging world, seeking readers of all colors, who also regard concern for equality. Join me in becoming a voice to help unlock the invisible chains still on our Black brothers and sisters.

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