My Interview with NPR

Listen to my interview with reporter Julia Meeks of WBOI 89.1 in Fort Wayne, Indiana or read the transcript below. Audio link. Local author Sandra Baron has written a new book chronicling her and her husband’s first year teaching experiences with the New Orleans school system in 1967 called Bridging the Mississippi: A Memoir of Racial … More My Interview with NPR


Langston Hughes is one of my favorite poets. Here is a wonderful understanding of the importance of dreams. “Hold fast to your dreams, for if dreams die, then life is like a broken winged bird that cannot fly.”

Desire more truth

Today I am continuing on my thoughts that I discussed on my last blog, “Indifference.” About two years ago I decided to read the new books popping up by Black authors or White authors sharing on seeing the Black communities’ perspectives on why discrimination continues in America. Each reading gave me more understanding of how … More Desire more truth


Ellie Wiesel When I taught in the classroom, I could manage any behavior except indifference. A student who shrugged their shoulders when I asked if they had completed a project or did their homework gave my emotions a shock treatment. I could not tolerate indifference from my own children either. I wanted to see young … More Indifference

Hold My Hand

I have been called to break what generations before me have accepted. I feel like something in me should respond to the problem in front of me. I identified those feelings early in life by being reared in a southern town filled with fixed ideas of how to treat Blacks. When my first summer job … More Hold My Hand

My Hope

I will share stories and articles of misunderstood prejudice behavior. Through sharing these stories, I hope to unpack the biases and prejudice built into our educational system and society. … More My Hope