Sandra Baker Baron

Sandra Baker Baron learned the power of using adult words as a child, and ever since, she has been intoxicated with language. For over forty years, she has written 800 to 1000 pages a year in her journals. Her motivation for journaling is reflecting upon her observances, prayers, and God’s Word. 

As an inspirational speaker, Sandi has traveled to Kazakhstan and Thailand. Through her travels she has embraced many cultures and continues to reach out to the Congo by donating proceeds of the sale of her Congo oil paintings.

As a former English teacher of thirty-five years, Sandi had many talented and interesting students who had amazing life stories that taught her so much. Her writing is informed by her deep understanding of Blacks, stemming from her first year of teaching in an inner-city Black school in New Orleans. This experience shaped her perspective and understanding of how to relate to others of color. She witnessed white privilege and the challenge of the Black culture living in the role of duality. 

Sandi re-enters the blogging world, seeking diverse readers who also regard her concern for equality, to hold her extended hand in sharing these values with others. The beauty of her writing about her past experience and expertise is that it afforded her a road map to her current mission today, a voice to help unlock the invisible chains that are still on our Black brothers and sisters. 

Sandi’s book, Missed Beads, shows the potential impact on individuals when Blacks’ intuitive understanding and creativity is unlocked and not blocked by social barriers. Her book tells the story of her first teaching experience, the year Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated. DIO Press will publish it this summer.