My Hope

I will share stories and articles of misunderstood prejudiced actions and reactions. Through sharing these stories, I hope to unpack the biases and prejudice built into our educational system and society.

By identifying the unconscious inroads within us, we can find ways to unlock our blocks. 

If you are willing to identify some perspective or prejudice that you have never addressed or realized, this blog will be beneficial to you. If you have grown through some prejudiced behavior, perhaps you can share with us how you did it. My goal is to make a cultural shift and understand how we can be a part of the reconciliation of the races and make a way for future generations to help us move forward. 

By walking hand in hand, we can help each other understand cultural differences and otherness. With one hand we can receive an understanding of another race, and with the other hand give help to overcome our differences. My hope is this will be an interactive blog to help each other be a part of the change.

#reconciliation #cultural difference#prejudice

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